The Art of Failing without Failing- How Best Practice Server Management Saves Money!

When a business measures its cost of downtime in thousands of dollars an hour, how do they make sure their business systems stay up and running? Carson Oil is a petroleum business leader in the Pacific NW market. They rely on their business systems on an around the clock basis. They recently had a critical server component fail with zero down time. Here is how they did it:

Bob Couch, IT Manager, started correcting the problem way back when he purchased enterprise grade HP server hardware. Bob wisely selected the DL380 series hardware platform that features fault-tolerant architecture, advanced monitoring capability, and a three-year onsite warranty straight from HP.

Next he plugged in 24/7 monitoring so he'd be alerted of any failures right away. He was now ready to fail without failing.

When an internal component popped, the server didn't crash thanks to HP’s fault tolerant architecture; however, the component itself was no longer fault tolerant. The server would crash if a second failure occurred before the faulty component was replaced. The 24/7 monitoring alerted Bob and his team that a component failure had occurred.

Bob, having done all his homework, calmly called HP and invoked their four-hour onsite response. The local HP service provider showed up hours later and swapped the part. Carson Oil’s associates never missed a beat. Carson Oil’s customers never missed a beat. And best of all, Bob’s boss was notified of the event, after the fact, during their regularly scheduled operations meeting. Bob likes boring operation meetings. Bob does not like uncomfortable meetings where he has to tell his boss why the server crashed and how long it will be down.

Bob also saved his company thousands of dollars. Not only would there have been costly remediation efforts to recover a down server, but the organization would have wasted resources by idling knowledge workers and disrupting customer transactions.

Well done Bob.

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